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Sunday, Went to Bothwell Castle and Clyde River Trail

Glasgow, Scotland
Sunday, March 31, 2019
In the morning, I took Bus 255 to Bothwell and got off a few stops before the town. From there it was only about a 15 minute walk to Bothwell Castle. The castle was small and there wasn't much to see. I walked all around the inside and the grounds and down to the Clyde River. I took the Clyde River Trail back to Bothwell to catch the return bus to Glasgow.

There was a big soccer game and the bus had to go right through the thick of the crowds. I timed it perfectly to hit the crowds before and then after the game. They packed the bus and were really rowdy. In general there seem to be a lot of drunken hooligans in Glasgow. I've seen fights in the streets both days that I've been here and there are always people screaming about something. It's ironic since the Scottish are always very nice, polite, and friendly.


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