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Sunday, Tower Bridge and Camden Market

London, United Kingdom
Sunday, March 10, 2019
It was sunny off and on all day in London but the viciously strong wind made it cold. I got out late since it was Sunday and started with lunch at my new favorite Indian food joint near the hotel. I had a massive chicken tikka masala which was a shock to the system since I was still groggy from the time change. Next I took the tube to the Tower Bridge area. The wind on the bridge was extra brutal and threatening.

In the afternoon, I took the tube to Camden Town and walked around the market area. It was packed with people and there were goods and food of all sorts for sale including a lot of overpriced souvenirs. It is a really nice area to hang around in and shop and eat.

I was surprised to find that a lot of places are closed or have limited hours on Sunday.


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