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Sunday, Tirana, Albania to Podgorica, Montenegro

Podgorica, Montenegro
Sunday, October 27, 2019
The time changed overnight so I had an extra hour in the morning. The downside is that the sun will now set at about 16:30 every day.

I got up at 05:30 and messed around until 07:00. I had bought a couple of canned coffees so I drank those since I had to leave before breakfast was ready. There were a lot of places open and many people out having coffee early on a Sunday morning.

I walked to the International Bus Station at Map Location: 42.441264, 19.265482  in about fifteen minutes. The bus to Podgorica was another small one and there were only about ten people going. The border crossing was very easy once again and everything was done on the bus by a very friendly border agent.

When we got about 10 km from Podgorica, traffic was blocked for the 26th annual Podgorica Marathon. The bus had to wait about two hours for the road to open while the slower runners ran by every few minutes. At least there were some restaurants and bakeries there so I had pastries for lunch. Some of the cars that were waiting were headed to the airport. The people were pleading with the police to let them through because they were going to miss their flights. The cops held their ground and would not let anyone through.

They finally reopened the highway but it was clogged all the way into Podgorica so we got to the bus station at about 13:30 or 2.5 hours late. I walked from the bus station to the Star's Hostel which was about one km away. An Italian couple from the bus was already there checking in.

Being a Sunday, Podgorica was pretty dead. I couldn't find an open supermarket to buy water or coffee for the next morning. I had lunch at a pizza place across the street from the hostel and then walked around the quiet streets for awhile.


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