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Sunday, Spent the Day Exploring Osh Kyrgyzstan

Osh, Kyrgyzstan
Sunday, September 9, 2018
After breakfast at the hotel with a group of Swiss climbers, I spent the day exploring Osh. I started with a long walk through the park along the river. Ended up at the Osh Bazaar which was very large of full of people.

Across the street from the bazaar there was a long line of money change offices. They wouldn't take my USD since I only had twenties and they wanted bigger bills. I was able to change all the Kazakhstan Tenges that I had for Tajikistan Somonis. It's always better to have the money ready before a border crossing.

Later, I walked up the little mountains, Suleyman Too, to watch the sunset over the city. Osh is completely flat except for several little mountains that are right in the city. The petroglyph museum is built right into the side of the mountain around the petroglyphs. I didn't get there in time to go in and see the petroglyphs.


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