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Sunday, Souvenir Shopping in Beijing

Beijing, China
Sunday, December 16, 2018
It was the last day of my six month trip so I bought some heavy souvenirs which I had been delaying since I didn't want to add weight to my load.

First I went to a few stores on Wangfujing street and then took the metro to the Panjiayuan Flea Market. Once I arrived I realized that I had been there before.

The flea market is huge. It's mainly for locals instead of tourists so there aren't any normal souvenir stores but lots of souvenir type stuff. I bought a big metal silver Buddha and a copper dragon each weighing a few pounds. I had to do some hard negotiating to get good prices. I had to do the "walk away" and then went back later to try again with the same guy. The statues weighed enough that I had to take them back to the hotel before continuing on.

Next I went to Qianmen Street where there are a few large souvenir stores. I didn't buy anything on the main street but found some little stores in one of the hutongs nearby (Map Location: 39.893301, 116.385806 ). I did some hard bargaining there too with a sweet young lady who really wanted to make some sales and kept grabbing my arm to keep me in the store. I bought some little expensive stuff from her for about 20 USD.


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