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Sunday, Seeing More Sights in Bishkek

Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
Sunday, August 26, 2018
It's another hot and sunny day in Bishkek. In the morning I walked over to the brand new huge Central Mosque of Bishkek. It's doesn't look like it's open yet and they are finishing the smal road around it. Even so it is spectacular and very photogenic from outside the fence.

Along the major road on the north side of the Central Mosque, Silk Road Avenue, I caught marshrutka 344 going west and hopped off near the Resurrection Cathedral and went inside to look around. It's not very big and was completely renovated a few years ago. I was the only tourist there among all of the middle aged ladies who were saying their prayers.

Next I hopped on another 344 marshrutka and went to the Western Bus Station to find out about the minibus to Karokol that I'm taking tomorrow. The bus station is huge but I went in the correct entrance and the Karakol buses were right there. The trip costs 350 Som.

On the way back from the Western Bus Station, I got out at the area near the Philharmonic Hall and relaxed for a long while on a park bench in front of the big statue of the lady on a horse with a sword.


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