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Sunday, Pingyao and Shuanglin Temple

Pingyao, China
Sunday, July 8, 2018
Had some more dim sum for breakfast, delightful. Then went to walk around on the wall again since this is the last day of my ticket. It was raining a little so I had the wall almost to myself again. I went outside the south gate and walked around in the park and sat there for awhile. Saw some funny little crested birds that are called "Hoopoe" birds. I got pretty close to them to take pictures. I continued walking around the entire wall, on the outside of the part that is closed.

Next I walked over to the train station because I saw a China Mobile office there the other day. I tried to get a SIM card but they said I needed a Chinese ID card and couldn't use my passport. I checked on the internet again and it says you can get one with just a passport. I will try a China Unicom store next since that is supposed to be easier.

After that, I got a taxi to the Shuanglin Temple which is about 6 km outside of Pingyao. It was semi-interesting and had a lot of statues of odd looking figures. The taxi waited for me and then took me back to Pingyao.

Had a fiery Kung Pao chicken plate for dinner. I got the hiccups for the first time because of the spicy food.


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