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Sunday, Kotor, Montenegro to Mostar, Bosnia by Bus

Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Sunday, November 3, 2019
I checked out of the Old Town Hostel at 07:00. There was no one in the reception office so I just tossed my key in through the bars.

It was another rainy day as I walked to the bus station. I tried to get my online ticket printed at the help window but they said it would be okay if I showed the ticket to the driver on my phone.

The little bus to Mostar arrived right on time and the back seat was available with an empty seat next to it. There were about five tourists on the half full bus. It was nice and relaxing and the driver was really friendly.

It took about two hours to get to the border and I slept most of the way. The border crossing was easy but we had to wait about 30 minutes to get our passports stamped.

We got to Mostar right on time at 13:30 and I walked the one km to the Hostel Dada. They had overbooked the private rooms so I got a room with 5 beds to myself.

After checking in and dropping off my stuff, I walked a few blocks down the hill to the main pedestrian street which led to the famous Old Bridge (Stari Most). The area on both sides of the bridge was cobblestone streets and little shops and restaurants. It was very scenic and quaint.

I had a late lunch of Bosnian food at a little family-run restaurant. It was rice and goulash with a loaf of bread.

After dark when I was walking around, it poured rain. I had to wait it out under an overhanging roof for about 30 minutes.


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