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Sunday, Kashgar Animal Market

Kashgar, China
Sunday, August 5, 2018
In the morning, took a taxi to the Sunday Animal Bazaar which is about 10 km outside of the city. I got there a little early at about 10 am and the place didn't get packed until about noon. There were farmers bringing animals on every mode of transportation, mostly sheep and goats. There were a few Yaks and quite a few cow but nothing really exotic.

I had a delicious noodle dish for breakfast. The man lovingly prepared it by running his bare hands all through the noodles. Other than that just stood around and watched the commotion, took pictures, and tried not to get run over or get in the way. There were quite a few tourists sticking cameras in the farmer's faces as the farmers ignored them.

The bathrooms were pretty rough. No plumbing, just an outside with holes over open sewage. There was a little tiny half curtain for privacy. That is the winner for the worst bathroom so far in China. Luckily, I only had a stand-up visit.


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