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Sunday, Kalaw to Nyaung Shwe and Afternoon Boat Tour of Inle Lake

Nyaung Shwe, Myanmar
Sunday, November 18, 2018
At 08:30 I took a minibus from Kalaw to Nyaung Shwe. I had arranged it the day before. The minibus actually only went as far as the turn off to Nyaung Shwe at Shwenyaung. The driver let us out there and we took a taxi the rest of the way. A Korean girl was doing the same thing that I was doing so we shared a taxi for 4000 MMK each.

After checking into the Royal Nuaung Shwe Hotel, I booked an afternoon boat tour of Inle lake with them from 12:00 to 18:00. That gave me time to eat lunch and then meet the boat driver in the lobby. We walked over to one of the many river canals to get into his boat.

We had a nice afternoon of speeding around the lake and going to different temples and shopping places. He kept taking me to shopping places where he would get a commission if I bought anything which I didn't as usual. There were also tons of souvenir stalls at each temple or pagoda that we stopped at. We stopped at a big restaurant on stilts with great views for lunch. I had a hot and spicy fish curry that was probably fresh out of the lake.

The lake was full of speeding boats both with tourists and locals doing their business. It was very scenic with villages full of stilt houses. The famous leg-rowing fisherman who paddle with one leg and hold a big basket to catch fish with were around. Mostly it was a show for the tourists like the stilt fishermen in Sri Lanka. I did see that some of them were doing it for real off in the distance by themselves.

At sunset all the tourist boats gathered around at one end of the lake and the fisherman did their show for tips. Then all the boats sped back into town to dump us out.


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