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Sunday, Jingshan Park and Beijai Park

Beijing, China
Sunday, July 1, 2018
Up at 5 am as usual. First went to Beijing West Railway station to pick up my train ticket to Datong for tomorrow morning. I booked it online at I found the English counter at the train station and the line for it was pretty short.

Got my ticket and then had breakfast at McDonald's in the train station since it had just opened and there were no people there yet. By the time I left it was completely full.

Next I took the subway to Jingshan Park and walked up to the highest point which overlooks the Forbidden City and has nice views of Beijing. It was a little hazy and cloudy.

After that I walked out through the West Gate and over to Beijai Park which is right next to Jingshan Park. I walked up to the White Pagoda but there was an extra charge to go in so I didn't bother. The White Pagoda looks pretty high but it only takes a few minutes to get up to it.

Then I walked all the way around the Forbidden City and looked around. Took the subway from Tienanmen East back to the hotel. I had a delicious lunch of Hun-an Rice and Chicken in the Food Court next to McDonald's on the big street near the hotel.


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