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Sunday, Flight from Podgorica, Montenegro to Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona, Spain
Sunday, November 10, 2019
I left the Ori Apartments at 10:45 and walked to the bus station to catch a taxi to the airport. It was about 20 minutes away and the taxi cost 15€. The taxi driver was really chatty and gave me his opinion on world country power rankings. I understood 'dobro' and the country names.

The Podgorica airport is tiny and there was no reason to arrive early. I was first in line at the counter. The Ryanair carry-on bag size limits are rediculously small. I had to pay for priority boarding but it was only 8€.

The plane was pretty full and I had a window seat. The flight was smooth and only took about two hours.

In Barcelona I took the Renfe train from the airport to Estación Sants. At Sants, I remembered that there was a Mcdonald's so I had lunch there. Then I took the metro (L3 Green Line) to the Liceu stop on Las Ramblas. Hostel Europa was about a block away and easy to find on one of the main streets in the Gothic Quarter.

After checking in and dropping off my luggage, I took a long walk to some of my favorite spots, such as Plaça Jaume, the cathedral, Plaça Regomir, and Basílica Santa María del Mar where I sat in on the Sunday evening mass.

Barcelona was nice and calm after the recent riots. Today was election day and I saw that people were still voting at the Gothic Quarter Ayuntamiento (city hall).


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