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Sunday, Flight from Dubai to New Delhi and First Day in India

New Delhi, India
Sunday, October 7, 2018
The overnight flight to New Delhi from Dubai was pack with Indians taking merchandise to India to sell. There were long lines at the check-in counter and took me about 45 minutes to get to the counter.

The airline guy said I needed a print out of my India visa and I explained to him that there was no document just an ID number for the visa. He finally accepted that after going to check with someone. Next he wanted an onward ticket which I didn't have since no one else has asked for one. Luckily there was free WiFi at the airport so I quickly booked a refundable flight to Kathmandu and he accepted that. As soon as I got to India I cancelled the flight.

The three hour flight to India was packed and left five minutes after midnight (00:05) on Sunday morning and arrived in New Delhi at 04:45. In Delhi there was a separate immigration line with very few people for foreigners with the e-visa . Most of the immigration agents were asleep so I had to wake a guy up. Immigration was easy but baggage claim took forever. My backpack was one of the last items to come out. I was killing time anyway since I knew my room wouldn't be ready this early.

Once I was through customs I had a coffee and got some cash from an ATM. I also tried to buy a SIM card but the guys said they couldn't activate the card until after 18:00 since it was Sunday.

I took a fixed-price taxi for the long ride to the hotel for 150 rupees / 2 USD. The taxi was extra cheap because they will take you to a tour office and get a percentage of any tour that you book. I had time to kill so I agreed to go to the tour office which was walking distance to the hotel. I got a lot of good tour info and then turned down the expensive package. The taxi driver hung around the whole time and then took me the rest of the way to the hotel. My room wasn't ready for another hour or two so I nodded off on the couch in the lobby and waited.


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