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Sunday, All Day Hike from Sundarijal to Chisapani

Kathmandu Valley, Nepal
Sunday, October 21, 2018
Had breakfast at the hotel at 07:00 then packed up and checked out. The hotel stored my heavy stuff and I packed the minimum for three days in my big backpack.

The guide met me at the hotel at 08:30 and we walked about 20 minutes from Thamel to the Ratna Park bus station, Map Location: 27.705582, 85.314532 .

The bus left at about 09:00 and made a lot of stops and filled up with people. We got to Sundarijal at about 10:15, Map Location: 27.759288, 85.420653 .

We started walking north to the Sundarijal National Park. The entrance fee was 1050 nr for foreigners. We didn't see anything interesting in the park but it was a nice walk in the shady woods.

Most of the first two hours was going up stairs. My legs were getting a little wobbly before we stopped for lunch at 12:40 at a little village with a cluster of restaurants at Map Location: 27.779259, 85.434972 .

We had a nice Dal Bat and mint tea for lunch and the family was real nice. We took about an hour for lunch.

After lunch, the hiking was a little easier and we got to Chisapani at about 16:00.

The first few hotels were full but we found a room at Hotel Chisopani for 1500 nr, Map Location: 27.829955, 85.448958 . I asked the guide where he was staying and he said that he will manage. If my room had twin beds I would let him bunk with me.

Here is the route navigation on Wikiloc


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