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Saturday, Went Shopping at the Osh Bazaar in Bishkek

Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
Saturday, August 25, 2018
In the morning, I walked up to the main road, Chuy Ave, and caught a minibus to the Osh Bazaar. The minibus said "ош" in the window so I thought that meant the bazaar and it did.

The bazaar is a large maze of vendors selling everything but mainly food, clothes, and shoes. It wasn't too crowded when I got there but by noon it was getting packed.

I was looking for souvenirs but didn't find that area until I was about ready to give up and leave. The souvenir area has quite a few stores and lots of cheap souvenirs. There were a lot of tourists there.
I bought a Kyrgyzstan tee shirt for less than 5 USD and some little stuff. I also bought a little knife to replace the one that got confiscated at the Urumqi airport in China.

There were also plenty of restaurants and bakeries there so I had a big heavy meat pocket for lunch. To get back to the hostel I hopped on one minibus heading in the right direction but it turned off so I jumped off and casually walked the rest of the way.

In the evening, the hotel girl was very concerned about what time I wanted breakfast in the morning. I had freaked them all out by getting up at 07:00 for coffee. They sleep in the lobby so when anybody is messing around down there they think they have to get up and do something.


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