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Saturday, Trento, Italy to Bregenz, Austria by Bus and Train

Trento, Italy
Saturday, June 15, 2019
In the morning we had breakfast at Casa San Paolo Rooms and then checked out at 10:00. We walked to the Flixbus stop which was by the river and had coffee until 11:30 when the bus to Innsbruck arrived.

We got to Innsbruck at about 14:30 and rushed to the train station where we barely caught the 14:48 train to Bregenz. We bought tickets for the 15:48 train but we were able to run and jump aboard the earlier train just in time as the train attendant waved us in.

The train ride through the Alps was beautiful as we passed little villages with tall church towers in the green valleys with snow-capped mountains in the background. The train was pretty full but we had empty seats next to us.

We got to Bregenz at about 17:30 and walked a few blocks to the centrally located Bed & Breakfast Sonne and checked in. We had dinner at a kebab place and then walked around the lake. There's a popular place to watch the sunset over the lake but it was too cloudy. Later in the evening it poured rain.


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