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Saturday, Took a Free Hiking Tour to Boyana Waterfall

Sofia, Bulgaria
Saturday, October 19, 2019
I got up later than usual at 08:00 and went next door to Mcdonald's for breakfast. There was a guy sleeping in the stairwell of the Interhost Guesthouse. When I came back after breakfast, the bum had taken a huge dump in the stairwell. Buenos días Sofia!

I went to do a two hour bike tour at 11:00. At the meeting spot, there was also a four hour hiking tour leaving at the same time. It sounded more interesting to go out of the city so I went on it instead.

There were about 15 people on the hike. We started by sharing taxis to the trail head which cost about 10 leks or a little over 1 euro per person. When we finally started the hike, one old couple immediately fell back and we spent most of the time waiting for them.

The waterfall was nice and there was some nice scenery along the trail. It was a little steep at the beginning but pretty easy overall. Once we started heading back and the old people fell behind again, a couple of us just kept going and didn't wait for the group anymore.

At the bottom, I bought a ticket and toured the Boyana Church. It was full of magnificent murals but they didn't allow photos inside so that ruined it for me. After the church, the group still hadn't arrived so an Australian girl and I shared a taxi back to the center of Sofia. She didn't have any lek so I paid for the taxi and she gave me some British Pounds.

In the evening, I bought some food at Lidl and then changed all of my Bulgarian Lev to Macedonian Dinars since this was my last day in Bulgaria. Sofia was very clean, safe, and the people were pleasant and friendly. There are cafes and restaurants everywhere and everything is very cheap, about half the price of Western Europe.


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