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Saturday, Huge Mao Statue near People's Park and Kashgar Old Town

Kashgar, China
Saturday, August 4, 2018
Rough night at the hotel since my neighbor had his TV blaring all night and the walls are pretty thin. Breakfast was included at the hotel for the first time, but it was pretty bleak with no meat and no coffee. There were a lot of cold noodle dishes and bread.

After breakfast, walked over to People's Park. Just figured out that 'Renmib' means People's, like 'Renmibi's' are the People's money. The park was full of dancers as usual with some ethnic Uyghurs thrown in doing their dance. The park was sealed off so after I got in there was no other way out so I had to go back to the entrance. There are police and swat teams everywhere in riot gear ready for problems.

I walked around to the huge statue of Mao Zedong, which is impressive. The Old Town is just north of Mao, so I walked all through it. It has a Middle-Eastern feel to it. It was full of little Uyghur kids running around. It was easy to get lost in the labyrinth of little streets.

After all of that, I tried to take the buses home but took one wrong one even after the driver said that he was going my way. Finally got back to the hotel on Bus 8. I even figured out from the symbols that Bus 8 goes south to the big Bus Station.

For dinner I took Bus 32 back to the Night Food Street area. I had the best plate of noodles yet Uyghur style for less than 1 USD. I had a chicken leg and a pancake roll thing. It doesn't get dark until after 22:00 so I took a taxi back to the hotel. The Uyghur taxi driver couldn't read Chinese so I just directed him the whole way with hand gestures.

At the hotel I asked for a new room and they gave me one on the 14th floor. It was amazing how much I trashed the first room in less than 24 hours and had my stuff scattered everywhere. I hope my new room on the top floor is quieter.


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