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Saturday, Hiking in Crescent Island Reserve

Lake Naivasha, Kenya
Saturday, September 14, 2019
After breakfast at the hotel, I walked down to the lake to look around. I asked the hotel boat guy how to get to Crescent Island. He said that the only way was by boat so we worked out the price. He said he could get the park entry for 10 USD even though it is supposed to be 30 USD. We agreed on 30 total for drop off, park fee, and pick up. I found out later that he told the park ranger that I was a resident so they gave me the resident rate.

We made the fifteen minute boat ride to the park and I headed out to walk among the wildlife. I spotted the giraffes right away and walked to where they were. There were a few small tour groups with guides who were letting their clients get close to the giraffes for selfies. I watched what they did to find out what was safe to do.

The giraffes and zebras were very relaxed with us walking around. The impala and wildebeest were very nervous. They would take off running when anyone started walking in their direction. I spent a lot of time just hanging around and watching the giraffes and zebras.

I took a long walk to the end of the island (actually a peninsula) and saw a lot of small colorful birds, eagles, ibis, kingfishers and white pelicans out in the water. I spent about four hours walking around until the boat guy came back for me and we went back to the hotel. I took about a thousand photos in four hours.


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