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Saturday, Hike to the top of Baitashan Park

Lanzhou, China
Saturday, July 21, 2018
Bright sunny day in Lanzhou. Had breakfast and coffee at Macs. Walked across the Yellow River and hiked up to the White Pagoda at the top of Baitashan Park. The river was raging after the rain yesterday. Some of the lower trails are flooded and impassable.

Baitashan Park is on a hillside that goes straight up from the river so the views are spectacular. There are a lot of view points with clear views of the river and city. There are maps and signs all along the trails.

There is a big loop trail that goes up and around the back of the park to the cable car station and then down the other side back to the river. The cable car starts at the top and goes all the way down and then across the river into a building.

When I got back down, I had some street food for lunch from some Muslim ladies. I ordered some fried squares which I thought may be cheese but I think they were flat square noodles. There were chewy and spicy. I washed that down with the delicious thick yogurt drinks that come in the white glass bottles that have to be returned to the vendor.


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