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Saturday, Fossil Hunting at Charmouth Beach

Jurassic Coast, United Kingdom
Saturday, April 13, 2019
I had breakfast at the hotel at 07:30 so I could catch the 08:30 bus to Charmouth. The 30 mile trip took an hour and a half because of the many stops.

It was windy and chilly on the beach but the sun would pop out occasionally. My feet got soaked because I was looking for fossils right where the waves were moving the rocks around at high tide. Since it was Saturday the beach was full of families with kids hitting rocks with hammers.

I found a few tiny fossils, some little impressions of ammonites (round shell-shaped fossils), a few belemnites (bullet- or stick-shaped fossils), and some iron pyrite which is a dark green rock with lumps all over it.

On the bus back to Weymouth I decided to get off at Abbotsbury to take some pictures of St. Catherine's Chapel which sits at the top of a hill by itself in a field above the village. On the way to the chapel I found the St. Nicholas Parish Church and cemetery which is also very scenic with the old graves around the church. One gravestone said that the occupant had been killed in a duel in the 1700s.

The chapel at the top of the hill had nice views of the village and the surrounding countryside. There were also colorful pheasants running around in the field.


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