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Saturday, Carcassonne to Marseille by Train

Carcassonne, France
Saturday, June 1, 2019
It was a brisk but sunny morning on the first day of June in Carcassonne, France. We checked out of the Hôtel Central at 09:00 and walked the five blocks to the SNCF train station to catch our 09:39 direct train to Marseille.

The train was full but not packed since it had assigned seats and no standing passengers. The three hour trip to Marseille went by quickly as we enjoyed to the scenery of vineyards and then the Mediterranean Sea.

We had rented a studio apartment in Marseille so we had to make arrangements to meet the owners which is always a hassle. They also always have a bunch of rules and require a large deposit for their apartments. I prefer hotels but my traveling companion likes the apartments for cooking and doing laundry.

The train arrived on time to the minute and we walked the 8 blocks to the apartment. The girl was there to meet us and we checked in, dropped our stuff off and went to lunch near the Port Vieux (Old Port).

The Port Vieux was incredible with the blue mediterranean and the hundreds of moored sailboats. There were also fantastic views of the surrounding hills and especially the Basilique Notre-Dame de la Garde that sits on the highest point overlooking the city.

The second largest city in France, Marseille is home to a very diverse mix of 900000 people.


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