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Saturday, Budva to Podgorica, Montenegro by Bus

Podgorica, Montenegro
Saturday, November 9, 2019
Last night the hostel people said I had to leave at 08:00 because they are closing for remodeling. They said that I was the only one there as if I was to blame somehow.

In the morning, I hung around until 09:00 and then went down for breakfast. Of course there was none so I left my big bag and went to buy a bus ticket to Podgorica for 12:30. I didn't want to get to Pod too early since I'm not meeting the apartment girl until 2 pm. At the bus station, I was also able to print the boarding pass for my flight to Barcelona on Sunday.

In Podgorica I walked from the bus station to the Ori Apartments. It was only about four blocks. The apartment girl was waiting in her car in front of the building. I paid for one night in Pod.

After dropping off my stuff, I walked to the city center. I had lunch at a kebab place and then went back to the apartment because it was starting to rain again.


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