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Saturday, All Day in Tirana, Albania

Tirana, Albania
Saturday, October 26, 2019
After breakfast and coffee at the hotel at 07:30, I walked to Skanderbeg Square to find the bus to the Dajti Ekspres cable car to Dajti Mountain National Park. On the way, I had a lunch of Albanian meatballs and rice and a little family restaurant along Kavaja Street.

The buses to Dajti Ekspres are on the far side of the clock tower at Map Location: 41.328417, 19.821121 . They are the blue ones that say "Qender - Porcelan". "Qender" means "Center". They make a loop and one of the last stops is the "Teleferiku". You can get off at Map Location: 41.347748, 19.860399  and walk a few blocks to the entrance at Map Location: 41.350791, 19.860823 . The closer stop at Map Location: 41.349355, 19.859455  is past where the bus line ends so you have to move to the first bus at the terminus and then it will continue along the loop. The bus cost 40 lek each way.

After getting off of the bus, I walked a few blocks up the hill to the entrance and bought the round-trip ticket for 800 lek. Even though it was Saturday, the cable cars weren't very busy. It's a long ride to the top of the mountain with some nice scenery.

At the top there is a big restaurant, nice views, and a lot of kids stuff to do like pony rides and a playground. There aren't great views of the city because it is so far away and pretty hazy. I didn't spend very much time at the top since the outdoor area of the restaurant was full.

I took the cable car back down and then caught the bus. The bus route was along a nice street so I got off and walked most of the way back to the square. I took a nice long coffee break at a quiet little coffee shop with good WiFi.

In the evening, I changed all of my remaining lek to euros since this was my last day in Tirana. I found out that the time is changing tonight so I hope that doesn't screw up my 08:00 bus for Sunday morning.

I also tried to pay at the hotel but the lady put the wrong amount on my credit card and charged me 400 USD instead of 40 USD. I had her cancel it and paid in cash instead to avoid more confusion.


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