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Saturday, All Day Bus from Chitwan to Kathmandu

Sauraha / Chitwan, Nepal
Saturday, October 27, 2018
Had breakfast at the hotel at 06:30 then they took us to the bus station in Sauraha (Map Location: 27.583075, 84.502356 ) for the all day trip to Kathmandu.

The bus left at 08:00 and we arrived in Kathmandu at 15:00. It's only 160 km but they go extremely slow and make many stops at the beginning and end to pick up and drop off people.

The highway through the mountains is clogged up with trucks going at a snail's pace up and down the mountain passes. The roads in and around Kathmandu are horrific and some aren't even paved so it's a rough ride until the bus reaches the main highway.

The bus makes two 15 minute bathroom stops and one longer lunch stop along the way.

From the final stop near Thamel (Map Location: 27.718588, 85.307831 ), I walked to a new hotel, Hotel Osho Home, that was on the other side of Thamel. Took a glorious hot shower and then had a huge lunch/dinner at a nearby Nepali restaurant. They didn't have Dal Bhat but I ordered Dal something with white rice and curry vegetables and it was pretty tasty.


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