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Monday, Zaragoza, Spain to Toulouse, France by Bus

Toulouse, France
Monday, May 27, 2019
We checked out of the hotel at 11:00 and took local bus 34 to the EstaciĆ³n de Autobuses Zaragoza-Delicias which is the main bus and train station in Zaragoza.

Our Flixbus was a little late and there was a passport check when it arrived. The police took everyone's passport or ID card, registered them in their office, and then gave them back to us once we were on the bus. We left about 30 minutes late for our seven hour trip to Toulouse.

The drive through the Pyrenees was very scenic and a lush green especially once we crossed into France. The bus was stopped once by the police and three young guys were randomly selected for an in depth drug search while everyone gawked at them from the bus.

We arrived in Toulouse at about 19:00 and walked the eight blocks to Hotel Ours Blanc - Place Victor Hugo. After checking in we took a nice stroll around the center of Toulouse.

That night we had a crying baby next door which was very loud through the thin hotel walls. There was also street construction right in front of the hotel which started at 08:00.


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