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Monday, Went from Kunming to Guilin by Train

Kunming, China
Monday, December 10, 2018
Had breakfast and then checked out of the hotel before 07:00. It was still dark outside as I walked the two long blocks to the Metro Station. I took the subway to the last stop which is Kunming South Railway Station. The subway was full but not crazy packed like in other Chinese cities during rush hour. The secret is to always go to the first or last car and get near the wall with the luggage. There is usually more space in that area.

At the train station, I had a coffee at McDonald's and then the gate to the platform was already open with hardly any lines so I strolled onto the train. I had an empty seat next to me for the 4 hour trip and it went by really fast. I bought a 6 USD coffee during the trip without realizing how expensive it was.

In Guilin, I took a taxi to the hotel but and's map both let me down again and the hotel wasn't at the map location. I had to take another taxi to the real location once I found another entry for it on the map.

Guilin is a beautiful and clean city along the river. It is one of the top tourist destinations in China because of the spectacular scenery along the Li River. Even in the winter there are a lot of Chinese tourists around and even a few Anglo's.

I had a fiery but good hot lunch of beef and peppers. I have to look at the menu pictures more closely. I just thought the green stuff was vegetables but they were pure peppers. I can eat the ones with no seeds but there aren't many like that.

After the meal I went to a travel agency to book an all day boat trip for the next day. There were two really young girls helping me book the trip and then I think their mother came in and finished it for me.


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