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Monday, Went from Dover to Calais by Ferry and to Bruges, Belgium by Bus

Dover, United Kingdom
Monday, April 22, 2019
I got up at 06:30, packed up and left the guesthouse by 07:00. I walked the one kilometer to the ferry terminal for walk on passengers and checked in. I had already bought the ticket online.

From the terminal there was a shuttle bus to the boat. The bus stopped once to clear immigration and once for a security check to x-ray the luggage.

The English Channel was hazy and calm. There was a chilly breeze that warmed up as we approached Calais. In Calais, the few walk on passengers took another shuttle bus that dumped us out and no one knew where to go. We were all walking in different directions and finally found the hidden walkway out of the port and to the city center. They never checked our passports again after the only check in Dover.

I walked a few kilometers to the bus station which turned out to be an almost empty parking lot. There was one empty bus parked there and no people around. I booked a bus on my phone for an hour later and people finally started showing up. The bus trip to Bruges, Belgium only costs 7 euros and took two hours.

In Bruges the bus stop was on the edge of the city center and it was an easy walk through the parks to the hotel that I had booked from the bus. I checked in and dumped off my luggage and headed out to see the city.


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