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Monday, Took Marshrutkas from Osh Kyrgyzstan to Khujand Tajikistan

Khujand, Tajikistan
Monday, September 10, 2018
Got up and out of the hotel before 08:00. Had breakfast with the Swiss group again. Talai the owner cooked dumplings for us. Got a taxi to the new Central Bus Station and the driver found the Batken minibus for me. The bus left at about 08:30 without being full. It was a nice relaxing drive since I had my own seat on the shady side of the bus.

Is Batken, the bus stopped right next to the buses for Khujand, Tajikistan so I just had to switch buses and we took off to the border. The border crossing was really easy. They just let in a few people at a time so it was pretty relaxed. I tried to get in first since all the rest of the people were locals who were just showing ID cards. An older Uzbek guy befriended me and luckily he only knew a few words of English. He updated everyone on the bus with my details.

We loaded back on the bus on the Tajik side and took off to Khujand. About 10 km outside of Khujand the driver dumped us out on the side of the road and flagged down a local minibus for us. My friend was going the same way so I just stuck with him. He made sure to update everyone on each bus that we took about my travels. The minibus dropped us off in the next town and we got on the big bus to Khujand.

I Khujand I didn't have a hotel reservation but I had the map location of a hotel but the location was wrong and I couldn't find it. I asked a couple of guys for a hotel and they sent me to a dirt bag place for 5 USD per night. I asked if I could see the room and the lady gave me the key to a room that already had a guy in it. I assume that they were renting beds since it was so cheap and I would have to share with someone.

There were taxis outside and I had one take me to the original hotel that I was looking for.


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