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Monday, Spent All Day Touring Jaipur, India

Jaipur, India
Monday, October 15, 2018
First went to Amer Fort and got there at about 10:00. It wasn't crowded yet but by the time I left it was packed. This fort has very interesting architecture and great views of Jaipur from the top of the hill. There are usually elephant rides up to the top but there were none today because of a festival or something. The fort is a must-see attraction in Jaipur.

Since there were no elephants at the fort and my tour included an elephant ride we went to the elephant's house and rode her around in a little open area in the neighborhood. They also offer the deluxe package where you can paint the elephant then ride it and then feed it bananas. I opted to just ride it. One of the guides had my big camera and he took mostly horrible photos as usual.

After the elephant ride we went for lunch at a tourist restaurant called The Green Pigeon. It was a little expensive but had very good, clean food and drink.

After lunch, we stopped at a Block Printing Textile factory for a quick tour and sales pitch. The driver's get commission if the tourists buy anything so they always want to stop at these places.

Block Printing is done by dipping a wooden block with a pattern on it into some organic ink and stamping the cloth with it repeatedly until it is covered. Each block must be lined up precisely with the previous stamp. They repeat the process many time with different blocks and different colors until the pattern is finished.

The next stop was the Monkey Temple which is at the top of a hill and you have to walk up to it. All of the monkeys were in the shade along the path and none were in the temple. There were great views of Jaipur all along the path and from the temple. There were also the usual hawkers along the way including a guy with a cobra in a basket. The cobra charmer called his little tiny kid over to play with the cobra to show that it was harmless. The cobra would strike but they had pulled out his teeth.

On the way back from the Monkey Temple, I got off at the Hawa Mahal - Wind Palace and let the driver go home. I took some pictures of the palace from a store across the street and upstairs with a nice view.

From there caught a tuktuk to Nahargarh Fort for the sunset. The driver didn't know how to get there and went to the bottom of the hill instead of driving up to the entrance on the other side of the hill. I asked him to wait and I hiked all the way up the hill and looked around. It wasn't really worth going into the fort since the views on the way up were just as good.

After the fort I had figured out that the tuktuk driver didn't know his way around so I guided him all the way to my hotel with my phone and the app.


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