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Monday, Maasai Mara Safari

Maasai Mara Reserve, Kenya
Monday, September 9, 2019
Today was the start of the three-day Maasai Mara Safari that I had booked online with Viator before arriving in Kenya. It was expensive and I think there was a supplement for being one person.

The tour company van picked me up at the hotel right on time and we went to the tour office to pick up a one Japanese tourist. After the usual waiting around we took off and picked up two young couples along the way, one from Norway and one from Germany.

The trip took about six hours and we had lunch at the midpoint in Mai Maihu. After lunch we turned off of the main road and headed down a bumpy little dirt road for about two hours. We passed some private reserves and near the road we saw zebras, wildebeest, giraffes, and an ostrich.

We got to the Mitimingi Eco Lodge at about 15:00 and then went for an afternoon game drive at the Maasai Mara Reserve Oloolaimutia Gate entrance. We immediately saw a huge number of animals including numerous female lions lounging around. The highlight was two cheetahs laying under a tree right next to the road.

We drove around for a few hours and then left as the sun was setting over the Rift Valley. The sunset was spectacular. We dropped the two couples off at different lodges which took about an hour. I noticed that our camp was only about a kilometer from the exit gate so the Japanese guy and I could have walked back instead of taking the long bumpy drive to drop off the others.

At the camp, we had our own cook and ate in the corner of the large dining hall. All of the other tours were eating at the main buffet. Our cook, John, cooked enough food for about six people even though there were only two of us.

I shared a tent with the Japanese guy. It was large and had a full bathroom in the back. The beds had a big frame with mosquito nets over the top. They shut off the electricity over night so we had to rush to get all of our electronics and cameras charged up.

I killed a big spider on my bedpost before crawling in bed. That always makes it uncomfortable to think about what is crawling around in there.


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