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Monday, India Gate, Qutb Minaret, and Humayun Tomb

New Delhi, India
Monday, October 8, 2018
In the morning, I took the packed metro to the stop closest to the India Gate, Central Secretariat and then walked along the water in the park to the gate. All along the little canal there were people hanging out and washing clothes and sleeping in the grass. The India Gate wasn't very impressive because there was a construction fence around the area.

Next I negotiated with a tuktuk driver to go all the way to the Qutb (Qutub) historical site that has the huge minaret and then to the Humayun Tomb. It was a long drive to the Qutub site but well worth it. Along with the huge minaret there are ruins of buildings and temples.

After the Qutb visit I couldn't find my rickshaw driver. I waited around for about 15 minutes and then I negotiated with another guy to go to the Humayun Tomb. The tomb complex was better than expected and the main tomb building was huge and impressive. A big group of young Indian guys wanted to take pictures with me so we took a bunch of pictures sitting on some steps.

After to tombs, I took a different tuktuk back to Connaught Place which is becoming my favorite area to walk around, eat, and have expensive tea.


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