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Monday, Hiking at Mount Longonot National Park

Lake Naivasha, Kenya
Monday, September 16, 2019
Mount Longonot is an extinct volcano with an almost circular crater. The trail leads up to the crater rim and then loops all the way around the crater. Most of the loop trail is flat but there are two steep high points that make the hike challenging.

After breakfast at the hotel at 07:00, the driver that I had arranged with the hotel arrived at 08:00. We drove the 24 kms to the park entrance. I would have taken a matatu but they only drop you off on the main road, 4 kms from the park entrance. That would have added 8 kms to my volcano hike. Nathan the driver charged 800 KES each way or about 8 USD which was very reasonable.

The entry fee was 26 USD and, like Hell's Gate, they do not accept cash, only bank cards. A guide is not required since there is only one trail and it is easy to follow. The only animals I saw were a couple of gazelles on the way down. Based on the amount of tracks and poop on the trial, there are a lot of other animals around.

I started the hike with a big group of locals. The walk up took about an hour and then the walk around the crater took 2.5 hours, then it was another hour down. The views of the crater and the surrounding countryside were very nice. There were a few other tourists doing the loop hike.

When I got back to the main gate, I called Nathan the driver to come from Naivasha to pick me up. I had some nice cold drinks at the restaurant while I waited for him for about 30 minutes.


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