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Monday, Flight from Addis Ababa to Dubai

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Monday, October 14, 2019
I messed around all morning and then walked to the airport international terminal at about 13:00. It was only about a 15 minute walk from the Zenbaba Guesthouse. Nothing beats walking to the airport.

Once inside the terminal, I found that everything was extremely overpriced even more than usual for an airport. I had a very expensive plate of spaghetti for lunch.

I tried to change my remaining Ethiopian Birr to Euros but the exchange booth wouldn't take their own currency. There was a guy lurking around the change booth and he agreed to take my Birr for a horrible rate. I accepted because there was no other option.

The almost five hour flight to Dubai was smooth. I switched seats and had a whole row to myself until a random guy came and sat at the other end for awhile. I watched two movies and the time flew by.

In Dubai, I breezed through customs and took the metro the hotel that I had booked. The crappy hotel didn't have the room and the receptionist tried to up sell me to a more expensive room. I tried to explain that they would have to pay for my room if I went to another hotel. We called and they couldn't get anybody from the hotel on the phone so they gave up. I walked across the street to the Tara Hotel and got a more expensive room and credited me for the rate difference.


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