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Monday, Flew from Kathmandu to Delhi

Kathmandu, Nepal
Monday, October 29, 2018
Packed up and checked out of the hotel around 12:00. Went across the street for a final Dal Bhat lunch. Also exchanged most of my remaining Nepal Rupees to USD and a few Indian Rupees for the taxis to the airport hotel. I found that the exchange places have different rates and they will negotiate.

Took a taxi to the airport for 500 rupees. The airport is tiny with only 5 gates so I got in pretty fast. The flight was delayed a few hours and the airport was packed with people. Our gate assignment wasn't on the monitor so everyone stood around and watched for it.

Nice and smooth flight to New Delhi. I didn't even know we were close to landing until we touched down. I took a pre-paid taxi to the airport hotel for 250 rupees. The main highway next to the airport screws up traffic. We had to go way up to the next exit and come back just to get on the correct side of the highway where the hotel was.


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