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Monday, Fast Train from Lanzhou to Zhangye

Zhangye, China
Monday, July 23, 2018
Heading for Zhangye to see the Rainbow Mountains. At 10:00 I checked out of the hotel and walked one block over to the stop for bus 31 to the Lanzhou West Train Station, Lanzhouxi. I had bought my tickets the day before on Sunday so no waiting in line. Had breakfast and coffee at McDonald's in the train station.

Nice train ride to Zhangye even though I had the 'B' seat which is the only middle seat. There is no way to choose seats on Ctrip /

In Zhangye the taxi drivers mobbed me because they are all trying to sell trips to the Rainbow Mountains. My guy kept pulling over to give me the hard sell. We finally got to the Zhangye Liangmao Hotel which wasn't that far away (cost 10 CNY). I told the driver to come in with me and we worked out a tour for 180 CNY for the next day since it was already 4 pm.

Zhangye is a pleasant little place. Later on in the evening, I took a long walk to the Wooden Pagoda and some other stuff. There were thousands of people at the People's Plaza where the pagoda is located.

Had dinner with the usual confusion near the hotel. Also had snacks at a few bakeries which may become my new favorite thing because they are very tasty. I especially like the egg tarts which are also a specialty in Malaysia.


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