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Monday, Day Trip from Bregenz, Austria to Lindau, Germany by Boat

Bregenz, Austria
Monday, June 17, 2019
After breakfast at the Bed & Breakfast Sonne, we walked two blocks to the harbor and bought tickets for the ferry to Lindau, Germany which is about 20 to 30 minutes across the lake.

It was a bright sunny day and he boat was about half full with tourists that were mainly seniors. The ride across the lake was very scenic with views of villages, the Swiss Alps, and plenty of sailboats. The entrance to the Lindau harbor is especially nice as the boat passes between the lighthouse and the huge Bavarian Lion statue.

Lindau is a round island in the lake connected by a short bridge to the German mainland. It has nice little cobblestone streets and lots of the usual restaurants, cafes, and shops for the tourists. We walked around for awhile and then had lake fish for lunch at a popular seafood restaurant on the main street.

In the afternoon, we took the boat back to Bregenz. It was fun getting out on the water and enjoying the panoramic views, especially of the snow-capped mountains.


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