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Monday, Climbed Pedurangula Rock, Took the Bus to Kandy

Sigiriya, Sri Lanka
Monday, November 5, 2018
Up and out by 05:45.  There were no tuk-tuks around so I walked for 45 minutes to the entrance to Pedurangula Rock.  It was nice and cool on the dirt road and there weren't many people around.

I hiked up to the top as the people who went for the sunset were coming down.  At one bottleneck I had wait for about 20 people to crawl down the rocks.

There is a big famous reclining buddha near the top.  At the very top it is pretty flat with great views of the misty rice patties and the hills in the distance shrouded in wispy fog.

After the rock climb, I took the long way back to the town.  I had a nice long walk through the countryside of small hamlets, fields, rice patties, and farmers starting to work.  There were a lot of big birds around making a plenty of noise, especially the wild peacocks with their distinct calls. They look huge up in the trees.

Back in town on the main road I came across a mahout giving his elephant a bath in the big creek. Later on I saw them walking down the road by the hotel but they were gone before I could get out to take a good picture. Elephants lumbering down the road always look cool.

I had breakfast at the place next to the hotel because they have the best WiFi.  They brought me a pot of black coffee and I savored every cup.

I packed up and checked out of the hotel around 11:00.  The electricity went out and I had to use my trusty powerful flashlight in the dark room.

I caught the bus to Dambulla and then the express microbus with A/C to Kandy.  The hotel I booked for one night was closer to the train and bus stations so it was an easy walk.

After checking in I went back to the train station to buy a ticket to Ella for the next morning.  The reservable seats in the observation car were sold out so I had to wait until same day to buy a ticket.

It srarted pouring rain so I jumped into a tuk-tuk and went to BK for a late lunch. It rained the rest of the day so I laid low in my very cozy hotel room with great internet for a change.

It rained pretty hard all night and the roof was leaking so there was a big puddle in the nice room.


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