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Monday, All Day Hike from Chisapani to Nagarkot

Kathmandu Valley, Nepal
Monday, October 22, 2018
There was a dramatic sunrise with the sun rising up through the fog in the valley.  Then there were clear views of the the big mountains to the north, Dorje Lakpa, Domeblanc, and Lempo Gang the 7000m peak.  The hotel owner knocked on everyone's door and told them to go up to the roof to see the show.  I was already out and about.

We had a big breakfast at the hotel and then left at around 07:40.  Along the peaceful trail we saw more views of the mountains.  The trail was a small road and was mainly flat all day with a few minor ups and downs.  There were a few four wheel vehicles and quite a few motorcycles especially after lunch.

We had lunch at 11:30 at a village at Map Location: 27.763835, 85.498005 .  We had another delicious and extra spicy Dal Bhat for lunch.  There was a friendly Lebanese hiker there and we talked to him. 

The village was on a bigger road and some buses came along that were  overflowing with people and there were a bunch of them on the roof.

After lunch the trail went along the side of the mountains and there were fantastic views of the colorful valley full of clusters of houses and farm terraces.  We went through a lot of little hamlets and there were a lot of people and farm animals on the trail. The baby goats were especially adorable.

We got to Nagarkot (Map Location: 27.722578, 85.524708 ) at about 15:00 and found a cheap hotel with ample hot water (first hot shower in 5 days).


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