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Monday, All Day Exploring Skopje

Skopje, North Macedonia
Monday, October 21, 2019
After a hearty breakfast and coffee at the hotel, I went to the Kale Fortress which is very close to the Old City. The 1400 year old fortress sits on the high point of Skopje. The interior of the fortress is a mess but there is a walkway along the outer wall that is slightly interesting. The views aren't that great and this place wasn't really worth a visit even though it was free.

After the fortress, I took a long walk along the river and then came back along Bulevar Partizanski Odredi which is one of the major streets through the city. Walking the loop took about four hours but it gave me a good feel for life in Skopje.

In the evening, I had typical food for dinner in a restaurant near the Old Bazaar. I had goulash along with a spicy bean dish and both were delectable.


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