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Kazakhstan Visa Registration with the Immigration Police

Almaty, Kazakhstan
Tuesday, August 14, 2018
In Kazakhstan all tourist visas must be registered with the immigration police. This is usually done automatically upon entry to the country especially if arriving at an airport.

If your tourist visa card has two stamps then it is registered. If it only has one stamp then you must go to the Office of Visas and Registration (OVIR) office and register within five days of arrival. The entry date counts as one day.

Almaty OVIR Office

109A Karasay Batyr, the cross street is Baitursynov.
Hours: Mon–Fri 9-13 and 15-18, Sat 9 – 13
Map Location: 43.250588, 76.925228 
The entrance is on Baitursynov Street at Map Location: 43.25064, 76.92588 

The office is in a building with a blue entrance (see photo). Window number 3 is for foreigners. You don't have to take a number.

There are copy shops right at the entrance and inside the complex: фотокопия. One copy is needed of the passport info page, the Kazakhstan entry stamp and the tourist card.


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