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How to get to the Great Wall of China at Badaling by Bus

Beijing, China
Friday, June 29, 2018
Bus 877 or 919 Express bus goes direct from Deshengmen Bus Terminal to the Badaling Great Wall main entrance.

Operating Hours for the Bus:
06:00-12:00 (Apr.1-Oct.31)
06:00-12:30 (Nov.1-Mar.31)

Return from Badaling
10:30-17:00 (Apr.1-Oct.31)

Driving Time: One and half hours (Non-stop)
Distance: 60 km
Bus Fare: 12 RMB (Beijing Metro card is accepted, note you have to tap the card on arrival outside of the bus as well)

Deshengmen Bus Terminal Location: Next to the Deshengmen Arrow Tower (see instructions below).

Badaling Terminal Location: in the parking lot (Bear Park), about 700 meters southeast of Tower No.01 of Badaling Great Wall.

1) Take Subway Line 2 to the Jishuitan stop. Exit the subway at Exit B1 and go left along the street.

2) Walk East for 450 meters. Walk toward the Deshengmen Arrow Tower (see photo below).

3) Catch the 877 Bus inside the roundabout at the Deshengmen Arrow Tower complex. You have to cross the busy street to get to the complex. There is a crosswalk but no traffic light. There will be a huge line of people but the buses leave continuously.

4) At Badaling, walk 20 minutes from the bus stop area to the main entrance. Avoid buying a "slide" ticket because there are huge long lines for the slide that take forever.

Badaling Great Wall Basic Information:

- Northern Slope - more scenic, cable car, toboggan, 2 hour loop route. There are some very steep sections.

- Southern Slope - fewer people, better photo opps, out and back route, no loop.


- Ticket Price for basic entry: RMB 40 (Nov. 1 to Mar. 31), RMB 45 (Apr. 1 to Oct. 31)

- Cable Car: RMB 80 (single trip), RMB 100 (round trip)

- Toboggan Slide: RMB 30 (single trip). Avoid this unless you like very long lines.
Opening Hours: 06:30-19:00 (in summer), 07:00-18:00 (in winter)
Hiking Time: Two Hours



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