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From Ella to Tissamaharama by Bus

Ella, Sri Lanka
Thursday, November 8, 2018
Getting from Ella to Tissamaharama by bus is fairly straightforward. Buses in Ella stop at Map Location: 6.872456, 81.049334 . At the bus stop there are many touts for shared minibuses so they may not give the correct information about the public buses.

Shared minibuses are a good option since they make the trip in only two hours and there are no connections. They may also stop for photos by request. They charge from 1500 to 3000 LKR depending on the circumstances and the bargaining skill of the passenger. If a minibus is leaving and they have space then the price is more negotiable. Make sure that they drop you off in Tissa and not in the surrounding area. The center of Tissa is around Map Location: 6.277315, 81.287465 .


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