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Friday, Yala National Park All Day Safari

Tissamaharama, Sri Lanka
Friday, November 9, 2018
Got up at 04:30 for my 04:45 jeep safari pickup at the hotel. It rained all night and was still raining hard. The jeep was buttoned up but there was still a lot of water coming in. There were two people already in the jeep and we picked up one more guy after me and headed to the park entrance where all of the jeeps were lined up.

By the time we drove over there and the guide bought our tickets, it was 06:00 and the park was open. We had a full day of rushing around from one site to another looking for elusive animals. We saw the rare sight of a leopard eating a dead water buffalo right by the road. We had a good look at him for about 5 minutes and then too many jeeps came along and got too close and spooked him.

In addition to the leopard we saw many elephants, wild boar, water buffalo, monitor lizards, crocodiles, gray langur monkeys, spotted deer, peacocks, horn-bills, many little colorful birds, and thousands of water birds including storks, ibis, cranes, ducks, pelicans, etc.

We had a two hour lunch at the beach and the tour ended at about 17:00 making it an excellent and very long day.


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