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Friday, Uzbek Embassy for a Visa

Friday, September 14, 2018
Went to the Uzbekistan Embassy in Dushanbe (Map Location: 38.600903, 68.784836 ) to apply for a visa. I had applied for the e-Visa but it never came so I thought I would have to do it the old fashioned way.

A completed application is required before they let you in to the embassy so I went to an office near the embassy where they prepare the applications for a small fee. I went to the closest one and they explained that I could do an e-Visa much cheaper, 20 USD instead of 160 to 200 USD for the manual process. I explained that I had attempted it but the visa email never came. The guy showed me some e-Visas that he had done and I realized the mistake that I had made.

I went back to the hotel and was able to complete my e-Visa application and pay for it online and now it said that I only had to wait for three working days for the visa to be sent. The mistake I made was that even though the email link gives an error, you can still make the payment from that page and then the visa will be submitted for processing.

Later went through the park and came across the monument to the famous Tajik poet, Rudaki.


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