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Friday, Prizren, Kosovo to Tirana, Albania by Bus

Tirana, Albania
Friday, October 25, 2019
I had skip breakfast which started at 07:00 because the Tirana bus left at 07:30. I wasn't sure exactly where it left from so I wanted to get to the bus station as early as possible. I had read that it just stopped in the street in front of the bus station but that wasn't the case. It stopped inside the bus station for about 15 minutes. It was a smaller bus with a capacity of about 20 people and it was full.

I didn't realize that the Albanian border was right outside of Prizren so we got there in about ten minutes. This was the easiest border crossing so far because the driver just handed the foreign passports (non-Kosovar and non-Albanian) to a guy in a booth and he processed them without ever coming onto the bus. There were only two of us with foreign passports so it happened fast.

The trip took 3.5 hours and the bus made one bathroom stop along the way. In Tirana, they dropped us off at the International Bus Station at Map Location: 41.332936, 19.801255 . From there I walked 1 km to the Villa 22 Hotel which was about half way to the city center. I stopped for coffee and a pastry along the way and also found a place to change 50 euros to Albanian Lek.

I got to the hotel at noon and my room was ready so I didn't have to wait until official check-in time at 13:00. The receptionist recommended the pasta restaurant across the street for lunch so I went there. I waited for about 15 minutes without being waited on so I got up and left. As I was leaving a guy rushed out and asked me what I wanted. I waved goodbye to him and kept going since I didn't want to wait forever for lunch.

I found a Turkish restaurant down the street and had some spicy, high-end and slightly expensive kebab wraps along with my new favorite yogurt milk drink, ayran. I was drinking it and then the waiter came along and poured it into a glass since apparently I was drinking out of the metal pitcher without realizing it. I just though it was a big, fancy metal cup. The kebab wraps were excellent with just the right amount of hot sauce. The Turkish waiter didn't speak English and he may have been speaking Italian since I recognized some words. I think there are a lot of Italian tourists since the locals are speaking to me in Italian before English.

In the afternoon, I went to Skanderbeg Square and the Et'hem Bej and Namazgjah Mosques. I also went by the Pyramid of Tirana and the National History Museum. The city center was lively and there were some good souvenir stores in the streets around the square.


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