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Friday, Overnight Train from Urumqi to Yining China

Yining, China
Friday, August 10, 2018
The overnight train to Yining left on Thursday night at 21:00. I had a "soft sleeper" upper berth in a cabin with three other guys. The train wasn't very smooth and it jerked and bumped all night long and seemed to make a lot of long stops. I slept pretty well though.

In the morning some of the people were different in the cabin. The train lady came around at about 7:00 and got us up so we could get our stuff together for the 7:30 am arrival. In Yining I took a taxi to the XinJiang YiZhan Youth Hostel. The taxi driver couldn't find the place so I just got out and hiked in the rest of the way. I knew that the room wouldn't be ready so early so I dropped off my big backpack in their storage area and I went and messed around and killed four hours.

I had a Dim Sum basket for breakfast and then went to the bus station to find out about buses to Almaty. At noon, I checked in to the hotel and then went to bed. An hour later the hotel people woke me up because the police wanted to talk to me. I went down and they asked if I used to work at a beer factory in Shanghai. I said that I drank beer in Shanghai once but never worked there. As usual, I drew a crowd and everybody wanted to watch while I typed my answers in to the translator on my phone. The stern lady detective was finally satisfied with me and they left.


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