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Friday, Night Bike Ride on the Xi'an City Wall

Xi'an, China
Friday, July 13, 2018
Went to the closest McDonald's for coffee and breakfast at about 0700. I can't figure out if they are open 24 hours or not. Had some great meals during the day, one at a dumpling place near the hotel. The other place that I went to for lunch had a delicious meat sandwich with some kind of homemade bread. I had reserved more days at the Eastwood Inn so I paid the guy for that and the laundry.

At about 6:30 pm I went up to the wall using the entrance that is right by the hotel Eastwood Inn. From walked toward the South Gate to the bicycle rental places. The fee was 240 CNY which included a refundable deposit of 200 CNY.

The bike ride was delightful. When it got dark at about 20:00 and the lantern lights came on it was very scenic. The outside of the wall and the pagodas and other buildings are all wired with lights and they light up in a spectacular fashion, very photogenic.

The 8.5 mile loop took a couple hours because I was taking it very slow and making a lot of photo stops.


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