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Friday, Moselkern to Frankfurt by Train

Frankfurt, Germany
Friday, May 10, 2019
I had a huge breakfast at the hotel since I couldn't find anywhere to eat last night in the sleepy village of Moselkern. At about 09:30 I checked out and walked to the Bahnhof to catch the train to Koblenz and then the train to Frankfurt from there. The Koblenz train was full of old people who looked like they were drinking wine and going hiking.

In Koblenz I bought the cheapest ticket I could find to Frankfurt but then got on the next train which was an express train and required a more expensive ticket. The train lady didn't scold me or charge me the difference and she said it was because I couldn't read the ticket in German. I apologized and all was good.

The trip to Frankfurt was about an hour and a half and I got there around noon. The hotel that I booked was right next to the train station but they wouldn't let me check in until 16:00. I left my rolly bag there and went out to explore Frankfurt. I went to Römerberg Square which has the quaint German style buildings and some churches. I also went across the Main River to the Dreikönigskirche and sat in the church for awhile. Next I went up to the Hauptwache area which is the shopping street full of people. The Eschenheimer Turm medieval tower is also there. It is part of the original walls that were around Frankfurt.

After 16:00 I took the tram back to the Hauptbahnhof (Central Train Station) and checked in to the Toyoko Inn which seems to be a Japanese hotel with Japanese employees and guests.


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