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Friday, Liverpool to Betws-Y-Coed Wales by Train and Bus

Liverpool, United Kingdom
Friday, April 5, 2019
I packed up and checked out of the hotel at about 09:00 and walked over to the James Street Train Station. The station was more like a subway station since you go underground to the platforms to catch the trains.

I had bought tickets online and they were valid all day with no seat assignments. I was able catch trains immediately from Liverpool to Chester and then from Chester to Llandudno Junction (pronounced 'Fandudno' for some reason). In Llandudno Junction I had an hour wait for the bus so I had lunch and coffee at a little place across the street from the station. The place was tiny and packed with old people so I had to sit outside on the chilly patio.

The bus to Betws-y-Coed took about 45 minutes and I arrived at the picturesque little village at about 13:00. The town is the gateway to Snowdonia National Park. I checked into the hotel and then walked back to the village and took a nice hike along the river. There are marked hiking trails all over the place including the long range Snowdonia Slate Trail.


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